Full Service Email Marketing
For E-commerce Brands

PLTHORA helps e-commerce brands increase revenue through leveraging email and SMS marketing.

Revolutionize Your E-Commerce Brand with Premium Content

Speedy Communication & Turn Around Times

Hate slow communication with big agencies? Us too! That’s why we get back to clients same day… always. And we are able to make changes and adapt to your marketing timelines.

High Converting Content Production

Right now we output over 100 campaigns per week for brands across different verticals. We’ve sent so many across different niches so we know the DNA of what makes a high converting piece.

Data-Driven Approach To Retention

We conduct and track tests on a weekly basis to ensure real optimisation, decisions are made through data not hypothesis. The team also has vast experience to draw from to ensure faster progression of accounts.
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Our Process

Our Streamlined Process Bringing You From Concept to Creation

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Scope of Work

Full Spectrum Email & SMS Marketing Specific To E-commerce Businesses


Our writers are all native English speakers ensuring alignment in tone of voice to the brand, they are trained specifically to write for DTC brands.

Graphic production

Our design team are all senior email designers and understands the building blocks of high converting email layouts.

Content strategy

The strategists are well-versed at handling accounts across various sectors and are trained to deploy the most optimal decision frameworks and content planning measures to ensure performance.

Email & SMS deployment

We handle everything within your email and SMS accounts, so you don’t need to worry about the nitty gritty.
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What Other Clients Have to Say About Working with PLTHORA


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Will I be assigned some random email marketer from Fiverr with bad English?
No. All of our strategists are native English speakers, we hire full-time people and train them up through our in-house systems. We don’t poach from other agencies or use external recruitment firms as they often carry over habits from past agencies.
How do I know that you guys will get me results?
We have proof that we’ve generated $30m+ in revenue for brands, you can see through our design portfolio we’ve worked in pretty much every industry and our YouTube channel has over 150 videos teaching the very thing that we are doing. It would be unreasonable for you to doubt us, if you still do, book a call and you’ll see that we have a vast amount of expertise in the field of ecom.
Do you guys have long contracts?
Nope! We don’t have 90 day minimums, 6 month contracts, annual commitments… why? Because our ecom partners battle cashflow problems all the time, so we don’t want to make it easy for brands to choose us. The only condition we have is if you want to part ways for whatever reason give us a 30 day notice like you would with your employees.
Will email/ SMS marketing 100% work for me?
Yes. Or if it doesn’t/ we are not confident that we are the right fit, we will tell you upfront and explain our logic behind your rejection.
Do you guys offer guarantees?
Not anymore. Why? We have so much social proof at this point it’s unreasonable for you to doubt us. But also it’s impossible to come up with a guarantee that makes sense for all accounts as the range of results varies so widely between DTC verticals. One thing is for sure though, we won’t sell you a service that we are not 110% sure that you will ROI on, and we turn away clients every month.
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